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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed below a few questions that new and prospective members often ask us. If you have a question you would like answering, simply contact us (link for contact details). We would be happy to assist you.

What exactly is Options Plus ?

OPTIONS by Pestana Vacation Club was introduced in 2010 to coincide with our 25th anniversary. We realised that as times change so do the holiday requirements of our guests.

OPTIONS PLUS was created to give members more flexibility, even greater value for money and more choice. Choice to stay where you want, when you want and in the size of accommodation you and your loved ones require.

Depending on the OPTIONS PLUS membership level you select, you can choose to holiday in any of our 12 resorts located along the Algarve coastline and on the lovely island of Madeira, one of our 87 hotels and pousadas spread across three continents, or even one of our specially selected Partner resorts located around the globe.

With our new Pestana OPTIONS PLUS initiative you can, not only, choose the destination, but also the type of accommodation and the time of year that suits your needs, each and every time you holiday.

For more details about how OPTIONS PLUS can best work for you, please contact us.

What Exactly is Holiday Week ?

Holiday weeks, are often certificated property purchases or lease purchases of a holiday period in an apartment or villa for one or more weeks during the year, for a determined number of years. Besides using the week(s) yourself, you have the right to pass your holiday week(s) on to family or friends during that time. You can even rent it out, although we do not view Holiday weeks as a means of earning income, but rather as a way for you to enjoy quality, spacious and well equipped holiday accommodation year in year out at a fraction of rental costs.


Pestana Resorts offer space, amenities and pricing that most holiday resorts cannot match. Our Apartments are all well equipped, many are fitted with two bathrooms, separate living and dining areas and have up to 2 individual bedrooms. Pestana Resorts are special communities where friendships are re-kindled and families reconnect in a space you cannot find in traditional hotel surroundings.

Do I always have to stay at my home resort ?

With Pestana Ownership you can holiday for the rest of your life and never stay in the same resort twice. you can exchange your home week and experience any of the 18 and growing Pestana Ownership resorts or choose from the 3500 plus resorts around the world affiliated through Resorts Condominiums International (RCI), you can even exchange your week for a cruise!

Can I afford a Pestana Holiday Week ?

Based on what an average family spends on holidays*, a Pestana week could pay for itself within 5 years. due to the increase in hotel rental rates, Pestana members are able to secure tomorrow's holidays at today's prices, and don't forget that you can pass on your week(s) to your heirs allowing future generations to benefit.

Go to SPECIAL OFFER and book now your visit to one of our resorts and let our Representatives present you an offer that fits your needs.

How Much Will a Pestana Holiday Week Cost ?

It is impossible to generalize about costs. How much you choose to invest in future holiday's depends on factors such as the size and location of apartment you require, also the time of year you wish to holiday in. As a guide, prices for Pestana Vacation Club membership start from as little as £3000.

How do I find out More About Pestana Holiday ?

Simply go to the Contacts page of this web site and either telephone, fax or E-mail to our Customer Services department and one of our consultants will assist with your enquiry.

Pestana Vacation Club